MOZA Slypod Pro

Product Item MOZA Slypod MOZA Slypod E MOZA Slypod Pro
Performance Parameters
Material of Main Body Carbon Fiber Aluminium Alloy Carbon Fiber
Weight of Main Body 770g 920g 1460g
Storage Length 585mm 585mm 650mm
Maximum Expanded Length 865mm 865mm 1180mm
Maximum Stretched Length 280mm 280mm 530mm
Maximum Endurance 90min 90min 90min
Battery Types 14500 14500 Li-18650-4S1P-14.4V2600mAh-PCM
Charging Time 3h 3h 4H
Maximum payload
Horizontal payload 4kg 4kg 3.5kg
Vertical payload 9kg 9kg 6kg
Operating Speed
Highest 28mm/s 28mm/s 40mm/s
Lowest 0.15mm/s 0.15mm/s 0.5mm/s
Product Configuration
Main Body
User Manual
Charging Cable
Quick-Release Universal Pan&Tilt Newly Designed
Pan&Tilt Compatibility Specification Manfrotto Manfrotto Arca
Quik-Release Adapter
Wooden Handle
Tripod Reverse built-in lock
Tripod Adapter
PVC Soft-Packing
Cloth Bale
Function of Main Body Control
Retractable Control
Speeding Control 10 Grade 10 Grade 10 Grade
Reciprocating Mode

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