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MOZA iFocus-M

Ultra-compact Wireless Lens Control System
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MOZA iFocus M


Compactly designed, the iFocus-M is small in size, big in stature. With a body mass of only 88g, the Gimbal balance is not affected by this minimal weight increase.

Powerful yet Quiet

The Micro brushless motor has superior torque with low noise providing confident and reliable control. The iFocus-M gives you both power and accuracy. Precision fitted bearings and gears keep quiet even at high speed, ensuring your recording is completely unaffected.




Easy to Use

The iFocus-M is specially customized for the MOZA Air 2 eliminating the need for extra adapters and troublesome calibration. After connecting to the Air 2, the gimbal powers the iFocus-M removing addition battery requirements and restrictions.

The 4th Axis of Focus & Zoom Control

When used with the Air 2, the iFocus-M becomes the fourth axis and an additional shooting tool for the gimbal, therefore users
can control focus, zoom* and iris of most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras via the gimbal handgrip.

Intelligent Operations with the Handunit

The iFocus-M is able to pair with the hand unit to wirelessly control the lens up to 15 meters.

More Compatibility. More Choices

In addition to the Air 2, the iFocus-M can be mounted on other MOZA gimbals and other brands of camera stabilizers (extra adapters are needed),
providing creators with more choices.

* Due to different lens design and process technology by manufacturers, some lenses may not support zoom and follow focus functions. The image shown is indicative only. If there is any inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern.
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