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  • Gudsen Technology is an innovative imaging solutions provider specializing in creating high-tech camera stabilizers & accessories and offering effective stabilization solutions for the videography industry. We have successfully launched several impressive MOZA 3-axis handheld camera stabilizers with advanced technologies that can support a wide range of cameras from small-sized action cameras to professional large-sized cinema cameras. Our product line includes MOZA AirCross 3, MOZA Slypod Pro, MOZA Mini-MX 2, MOZA Air 2S, MOZA Air X, MOZA Slypod, MOZA Air 2, MOZA AirCross 2, MOZA Mini-S, MOZA Mini-MI, MOZA Air, MOZA AirCross, MOZA Lite 2P, MOZA Pro, MOZA Guru360 Air, etc and MOZA Accessories. Our vision is "Invented for Video" with innovative & high-quality products as well as exceptional customer service.
    We are a team of multi-skilled and curious pioneers who devote ourselves to constantly creating, innovating and delivering evolution in filmmaking industry. As an industry leader in developing & manufacturing professional video-making equipments, we have successfully launched gimbal stabilizer, wireless lens control systems & HD wireless video transmitter/reciever."Invented for video", we are currently investing in cutting-edge technologies to make video-shooting more creative, affordable & reliable. Our vision is to start a real "Video revolution" with high-quality products & exceptional customer service.
  • Exhibitions & Partnership
    • MOZA's air&air2 preferred in Sony experience centers.
    • MOZA's partnership with Atomos.
    • MOZA sponsored the German
      Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing Team.
    • MOZA attended NAB 2018 in America,
      and arouse wide attention.
    • MOZA professionally contributed to China Skate Club League Finals (International Skateboard Open).
    • MOZA participated in
      Shanghai P&I exhibition 2018.
    • MOZA attended
      Beijing BIRTV exhibition 2018.
    • MOZA brought new product Air 2
      to Holland IBC exhibition 2018.
    • MOZA Launched flagship Air X
      on Phtokina exhibition 2018 in Germany.
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