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Moza Air Unboxing and the 1st Behind the Scenes
Check out how our MOZA Air with Sony A6300 and Sony a7SII capturing the half wolf running in the woods. Some fighting scenes of the famous movie Logan (2017) were filmed in the same area.
Save your trouble and time with step by step guide on how to operate this product
  • Official Balance Tutorial-MOZA Air & AirCross
  • How to Balance any 3-axis Gimbal - Take MOZA Air as an Example
  • MOZA Air-MOZA Thumb Controller-Tutorial
  • MOZA Air-MOZA Assistant App-Tutorial
  • MOZA Air-MOZA Thumb Controller-Tutorial
  • MOZA Air-Advanced Motion Timelapse-Tutorial
Give you all the vital information you need to know such as features strength etc,and help you form an overalll picture about this product
  • A Review of and How to Balance the Moza Air 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Moza Air Gimbal: Review + Test Footage
  • MOZA Air Review and Test Footage with Sony A6500 by Tom Antos
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