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MOZA Slypod – World’s First Motorized Monopod


MOZA Slypod – World’s First Motorized Monopod

The MOZA Slypod is claimed to be the world’s first motorized monopod that uses high precision slider motion control technology.


  • Weighs under 1kg
  • Monopod and slider
  • Carbon fibre construction
  • Vertical payload capacity of 18k
  • Horizontal payload capacity of 12kg
  • Embedded precision motion control algorithm 

2-in-1 Monopod and slider

Is it a monopod or is it a slider? Well it’s both. It’s best to think of the Slypod as a monopod where the movement is motorized instead of having to be done manually.

The motorized movement can be controlled through an app or via an optional hand control unit.

Low weight/high payload capacity

MOZA Slypod – world’s first motorized monopod

The carbon fiber construction means the MOZA Slypod weighs less than 1kg including built-in batteries. Despite this low weight, the MOZA Slypod can handle vertical payloads up to 18kg and horizontal payloads up to 12kg. Essentially this makes it the most powerful motorized slider of this size.

To Mars and back

MOZA Slypod – world’s first motorized monopod

Gudsen claims that the Slypod inherits the precise drive technology from the Mars Rover. The Slypod incorporates a ultra-high power density geared motor that is capable of producing 1N/m torque, which is enough to drive up to an 18kg payload.

Acceleration from 0 to 10,000rpm takes only 15 microsecond or1/1000000s, which is quicker than most ordinary brushless motors. By utilizing an embedded precision motion control algorithm, the Slypod is claimed to be able to do perfectly repeatable and smooth motion, even for the most demanding shots.

Remote Control via MOZA App and Handunit

The telescopic length, sliding speed and programmable motion time-lapse can be controlled via MOZA App and the optional Remote Handunit.

Weather Proofed Design

MOZA Slypod – world’s first motorized monopod

The Slypod’s structural design is claimed to allow maintenance-free performance and protection from wind, sand and dust.

MOZA Ecosystem Systems

The MOZA Slypod is equipped with the CAN Bus that allows it to be connected to multiple MOZA products. It can also be integrated with MOZA Air 2, MOZA AirCross 2 and iFocus products for multi-axis camera movement through future firmware updates.

An interesting concept

The Slypod certainly seems to be an interesting product and unlike anything we have seen before. Just how smooth the movement is and how easy it is to use remains to be seen.

Hopefully Moza will be demonstrating it at NAB this week.

The price and availability of the MOZA Slypod has not yet been released.

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