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MOIN CAMERA, Issues, and MOZA’s Commitment to Quality


Dear Moza Customers, 

MOZA is dedicated to offering quality products for filmmaking. Our newly launched MOIN CAMERA packs in many innovative features, we are excited to share.  

Recently, we have received feedback and have listened to the concerns of a few YouTubers and customers. Regarding issues with the MOIN CAMERA. We sincerely apologize for the missed expectations. MOZA welcomes all voices. improving our products to meet our customer’s creative needs is our goal.

First, we want to clarify the MOIN CAMERA review videos on Youtube were made with our first batch of the pre-production product. These early production units of the MOIN CAMERA had some issues which have been fixed in the current MOIN CAMERA production units. MOZA will continue to release firmware updates to add features and improve the operations of the MOIN CAMERA.

Second, we offer our promise to provide Professional Moza Customer Service. For customers who purchased the MOIN CAMERA before June 1, we offer free professional Moza Care with one free replacement within 30 days of receiving the product. For more information, please refer to the MOZA Care on the Gudsen Official Website.

MOZA will continue collecting feedback and providing effective solutions. Submit feedback in the FAQ of MOIN CAMERA.

Lastly, we want to thank our customers for their opinions and support. You are the driving force that dares us to explore.


Moza Team

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