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Gudsen Releases New Firmware for MOZA AirCross 2


Gudsen MOZA now releases new firmware for AirCross 2. It updates and adds some new functions. Details are as follows:



Date : 2020.01.15

Firmware : V1.0.4

MOZA Master App : V2.0.11

What is New about AirCross 2

1. Added USB control functions for FUJIFILM X-T3 cameras. (parameter adjustment, photo capture, video recording, auto focus and electronic focus)

2. Optimized stabilization with Panorama function.

3. Fixed issue of missing photos when taking photos under the USB control with Canon and Nikon cameras.

What is New with MOZA Master App

4. Optimized startup stability with linkage control function when used with SLYPOD or SLYPOD E.

5. Linkage control parameters setting has been optimized

6. Optimized the waypoint setting with the Panorama function.

Note: Here are detailed explanations for some important points above.


For Point 1

1. AirCross 2 uses M3C-CP cable for X-T3 camera control (select M3C-USB for protocol in the AirCross 2 menu)

2. Before connecting to the gimbal, a series of related settings needed to be set in the camera (X-T3) for successful control

·camera>set>connect set>USB TETHER auto shooting>>>

·use the shutter button for taking photos and the record button for recording, operations on the camera after successful connection should not be done, only through the gimbal.

3. Before applying auto tune, the camera should meet the following parameters

·button TV in T mode, ISO in A mode

·camera selectMENU>set>button dial set>ISO dial setA>command

·camera selectMENU>set>button dial set>aperture set>manual

4. To use electronic focus function, you need to set the camera to the AF-M manual focus position.

5. To use auto-focus function, the camera needs to be set to the AF-S position, and the smart trigger will be set to operate with this function: Click the AirCross 2' s smart trigger; hold the trigger to auto-focus, release the trigger to stop the auto-focus or when in focus.         

6. Currently, for Fuji X-T3 USB control, if you need to use continuous shooting function under special circumstances, it is recommended to use a more stable shutter cable.

For Point 2

1. AirCross 2 can perform Panorama photography in low light conditions with better stabilization.

2. Before using the Panorama function, it is recommended to ensure that the environmental wind speed is within the acceptable range, otherwise it will affect the film quality.

For Point 5

1. The MOZA Master App interface for the linkage function between AirCross 2 and SLYPOD E has been completely re-designed. For more details, please refer to the MOZA official tutorials.

2. The new linkage control function requires SLYPOD E firmware version to be 6.3.7 or above; AirCross2 firmware version to be 1.0.4 or above; App version to be 2.0.11 or above.

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