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Win Thanksgiving Gifts for You and Your Friend


MOZA Academy, a community for video creators to share bright moments and find inspiration, announced the Thanksgiving event inviting users to share your experience about how to use MOZA products. The event is open to anyone, and you can use any MOZA products. MOZA Academy has prepared some gifts for you. Now, it's time to win Thanksgiving gifts for you and your friend!



- First Prize       *1: You win MOZA AirCross 2 and your friend gets MOZA Mini-MI

- Second Prize  *1: You win $300 MOZA store gift coupon and your friend gets MOZA Mini-S

- Popular Prize *1: Both you and your friend win MOZA Mini-S


Submission Starts: 11/13/2019

Submission Deadline: 11/24/2019

Winner Announcement: 11/25/2019 

How to Enter

1. Post “New Thread” to share your experience about how to use MOZA products. Videos, pictures and words are all welcome.

2. Click  the " " button on your post to share it to Facebook with the tag#MOZAAcademythanksgiving and @ a friend 

How to Judge

1. First Prize and Second Prize will be selected from 10 posts that received the most  by the submission deadline. Then MOZA team will select 2 posts to win.

2. Popular Prize will be chosen from the post that received the most  by the submission deadline.

3. Now, invite your friends to  your posts in MOZA Academy to win gifts for you and your friend!

Notice: Each user can only click "" once a day.


1.No watermark on your work

2.No limitation of threads for individual participant

3.MOZA Academy has the right to use the works submitted. The works can beused by Gudsen MOZA, including but not limited to the MOZA Academy, MOZA official website, MOZA store, etc.

4.The music used in your posts shall not violate any applicable law or regulation. Plagiarism and copy from others are prohibited.

5.Posts that violate other’s intellectual property rights are not eligible.

Interested participants can visit the event website for more information.

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