Support Most Compact 360 Cameras

MOZA Guru360 is designed to carry 360° cameras for optimal video stabilization.

MOZA interchangeable gimbal system

The handle and gimbal head of the MOZA Guru360 inherit
the outlook design and advanced built-in technology from
the MOZA Mini gimbals, making it interchangeable with
Mini-C, and Mini-G. The interchangeable systems gives
operators an affordable upgrade path to different types of
gimbal heads. Go from smartphone, GoPro action camera,
to 360° Camera with a MOZA mini stabilizer.

Immersive Wide-angle Perspective!

Advanced slip-ring technology adopted in the motors
gives the MOZA Guru360 capability of 360 degrees
rotation on the yaw axes with no limits, allowing you
to point the main lens to any position you like. Free
your 360°camera to capture 360 degree panoramic
videos from an immersive wide-angle perspective.

Wireless Control on Your Phone

Tuning, parameter adjustment, operation modes and
gimbal movement can be controlled wirelessly with
the MOZA Assistant App on your iPhone or iPad.
Using Bluetooth connection to launch the App, the
MOZA Guru360 is able to gain smart control and
create cinematic stable videos.

WEARABLE. To Wherever You Go

The Guru360 is a portable, professional, handheld,
and wearable gimbal that's designed to capture
action anywhere, at any time. The detachable allows
the gimbal remove from the handgrip and attach
into the wearable kit. Mount it on a bicycle, on-vehicle
holder or wear it on your helmet, body to expand
your camera’s application. The universal connection
allows for unlimited possibilities!

8hrs Battery Life

The battery lasts up to 8 hours and can be recharged
from the handle. The small size of the stabilizer
ensures its viewable profile is not too obtrusive to the
talent or the viewer.

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