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What Filmmakers Say About MOZA Gimbal

  • I'm an award winning filmmaker located in Cleveland, Ohio. I have many films automatically shown at film festivals and conventions as well as several gotten distribution deals. I am also not affiliated with Moza. The tool-less design, the packaging, the built of the gimbal far exceeded my expectation, and while putting it together from scratch, we realized we can get it balanced within 4 minutes!!! So, that has impressed us a lot more. We then decided to take it out for a test run. Smooth as it can be, even when running. During that time, several local filmmakers visited and we showed them the gimbal, everyone agreed this would be the best buy for the money and ease of use. Moza adds a new art form in filmmaking, because now it can deliver a very smooth result within a short time period of balancing.
  • Johnny K. Wu mdifilm