A 3-Axis Handheld & Wearable
Gimbal for Smartphones.

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Capture Stunning Moments with Unbelievably Smooth Video!

The excitement of your family's outdoor activities … the joy of parties with your friends … the surprise of your child's first sporting event … some things are meant for video! Record the beautiful details of your life in HD. Relive those unforgettable moments. With the Mini-C, you can now turn your smartphone into a professional video camera and capture smooth, steady videos any time, wherever you go.

Supported Phones

Wearable Mode

Live Stream

Smart Control

Shooting Modes


Handheld and Wearable Gimbal for Smartphones

Works Well with Most Smartphones

The stretchable camera clamp design allows it to accommodate a variety of different phones. It is compatible with all iPhones and most Androids, including the iPhone 7\7 Pus, iPhone 6S\6S Plus, Samsung S7, Huawei P9, and Sony Z5.

smartphone video stablizer

Quickly Switch from Handheld to Wearable

Tool-free setup and disassembly bring a rapid release system to the Mini-C. With a removable handgrip and wearable kit, you can easily switch from handheld to wearable mode.

Smart Control with Handgrip

Powerful motors with embedded encoders provide precision control, combined with advanced technology and built-in software that enables you to smartly control your phone camera and the gimbal with the handgrip or MOZA App.

Vertical Shooting Mode for Live Stream

360 degrees of rotation on a yaw axis gives your phone unlimited shooting freedom. Hold the gimbal horizontally to let it automatically rotate to the vertical shooting mode. Now you can capture steady, smooth videos in cinema-grade quality for live streaming.

Track Shooting Mode

The built-in tracking technology in the MOZA Assistant App allows the Mini-C stabilizer to automatically keep the camera lens centered in human face at all times. No matter how fast the object moves, it will follow alongside with amazing accuracy.

Multiple working modes. Flexible at all angles!

Three handheld modes, different follow operation modes, and selfie mode allow the Mini-C to freely adapt to different camera angles and a variety of shooting scenarios.

Three Handheld Modes

Hold the Mini-C in three different ways: underslung, upright, and horizontal. Capture any angle you like!

Three Follow Modes

Switch operation modes among yaw-follow, tilt-yaw follow, and all-lock, just by touching the handgrip!


Triple press on the joystick button to start motion selfie.

8hrs Battery or External Power

The Mini-C's handgrip houses a rechargeable battery with a 2600mAh capacity. Despite its compact design, the Mini-C has an incredibly long 8-hour battery life. Also, there is a standard 5V USB port on the gimbal so you can connect to a power bank for external power, when needed.

Wireless Control on Your Phone

Wirelessly connect the Mini-C to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to launch the MOZA App. Tune and adjust the gimbal's parameters, choose among the operation modes, and control the gimbal movement via this mobile app. From accessing the configuration setting to creating time-lapse or panoramic videos, the MOZA Assistant App makes shooting professional-grade video easier than ever.

Design to Protect Your Phone

The Mini-C's unique design allows your phone to power down slowly after it begins shut-down, protecting your phone from any damage.

MOZA Mini-C3-Axis Handheld & Wearable Gimbal for Smartphones

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